Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Hampshire Poll

A new CNN Poll out of New Hampshire, home of the First in the Nation Primary, has more good news for Ron Paul!  We've already heard from Gallup that he's in 3rd place nationwide (second if Sarah Palin doesn't run), and now news from CNN that he's in second place in the Granite State!  Naturally Mitt Romney, former Governor of neighboring Massachusetts, is in first place, he has 32 percent of the vote.  Ron Paul is in clear second with 9 percen.  Newt Gengrich and Rudy Guliani each have 6 percent, others have less.  Of course its easy to look at a poll like that and think it doesnt matter who's in 2nd when Romney is so far ahead in 1st, but it really does for a number of reasons.  First, whoever is Romney's main challenger will naturally get major attention, and stand to gain a lot in the polls as a result.  Second, you can combine that with the fact that Ron is especially likely to win Iowa, where he's already got a machine in place and is working on winning the Iowa Straw Poll in August.  A win in Iowa would of course give a huge boost to Ron heading into New Hampshire, which naturally means that the higher he already is at the time, the more likely he will be to vault all the way into first.  Second place New Hampshire this early, a strong position for Congressman Ron Paul!

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