Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't count out the Bulls!

Last night we witnessed an exciting Series Finale between Dallas and Oklahoma City, Dallas was up 3 games to 1 and they used another late 4th Quarter comeback to close out the series 4 games to 1.  Many may look at tonight's game 5 and see the same thing coming tonight, Miami winning and closing out the series in 5.  However that overlooks a couple criticial differences between these two matchups, that could result in a completely different outcome.  First of all, Dallas had two remaining home games, so if they lost their home game last night they still had another coming in game 7, should it have been necessary.  Miami only has one home game left, which would take place in game 6.  If the Bulls win tonight, Miami only has one chance to close out the series at home, which they would very much need to do as Chicago is an excellent Home Team.  Another difference is that Miami doesn't have a Dirk.  They've got some awesome players, no doubt about that, but they don't have that one guy you can go to over and over again when the game is on the line, and rest assured that things are likely to turn out well.  Labron's late game choking exploits are legendary, granted he hasn't displayed them much in this series, but perhaps one should add the word 'yet' to that.  Dirk is a veteran of the Playoff wars, this is a man who is VERY hungry to rid himself of the bad memories from blowing his chance at a Championship a few years ago.  Miami already accomplished one of their major objectives, they beat the Boston Celtics.  Just exaclty how hungry are they to go all the way?  No doubt they want it, but do they want it as bad as Dirk?  Doubtful.

Make no mistake, tonight the Chicago Bulls mettle will be tested.  Tonight we will see what Rose and company are truly made of.  But if you think the outcome is inevitable, that a Dallas-Miami Finals is a foregone conclusion, I would simply suggest that you think again.  A lot can still happen on the road to the NBA Finals, you just might be in for another surprise or two along the way!

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