Thursday, May 19, 2011

Impact Preview

Tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling is coming up soon, and I'd like to talk about what we can expect, and what I hope will happen.  Of course after Sting beat RVD at the PPV, we now know that it will be Sting vs Mr Anderson at Slammaversary.  What an epic matchup that will be, one of the top stars of our day vs one of the top stars of all time!  Definitely should be something special, and before that happens we've potentially got weeks worth of awesome promos from these two awesome Superstars!  Its definitely Showtime folks!

On the Knockouts side, now that Mickie James has successfully defended her Title against Madison Rayne at the PPV, freeing Tara from her contract with Madison in the process, what's next for her?  Will she possibly team up with Tara to go after the Knockouts Tag Team Gold?  Or will someone step up to challenge her for her Knockouts Title?  Inquiring minds want to know :) !

Of course when you talk about the Knockouts, you have to mention the #1 storyline in all of wrestling today, the fascinating and unpredictable storyline with Winter, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky!  When last we saw these powerful Superstars, we learned that Winter was, in fact, a time traveller, and that she had travelled through 'eons of time' to find her long lost love, and that person is of course Angelina.  We also learned that the reason that Angelina has been in a zombie-like state recently, is because part of her mind is fighting against the part that contains her memories of her relationship with Winter, so Winter has been giving her pills to help with that.  What will happen tonight, and going forward?  Will Velvet steal the pills?  Would that prevent Angelina from regaining her memories?  Or is it truly just a matter of time until Angelina remembers everything, and fully embraces Winter once again?  It's impossible to know where on earth this storyilne is headed next, we just have to watch and see!

In other interesting storyline action, I'm definitely interested to find out how Bully Ray has managed to get Tommy Dreamer to do as he commands, does he have some dirt on Tommy?  And how will AJ Styles react to Bully Ray interfering in his match with Tommy Dreamer at the PPV, helping Tommy score the win?  It's definitely interesting stuff, I look forward to finding out more!

Of course I would expect more Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett stuff as well, gotta assume they're gonna build up to one final big match between the two at Slammaversary, presumably the last one of the feud.  I don't know if we will see Chyna or Karen much anymore.  After Chyna was so impressive at the PPV, you gotta figure she could stick around if she wants to, maybe have a match with Mickie even at some point.  Now THAT would be an Epic match!  The best womens wrestler from 10 years or so ago, vs the best womens wrestler of today and of all time!  Make it happen TNA :) !

So all kinds of potential for awesomeness tonight, I'm really looking forward to tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling!

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