Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tonight's WWE PPV

Tonight's WWE PPV, Over The Limit, features several bigtime Championship matches, I'd like to preview them at this time.  First, the Divas Championship Match, featuring the Champion, Brie Bella, against her powerful challenger Kelly Kelly.  Kelly has been awesome lately, she even defeated Brie's sister Nikki on RAW this past week, she's totally earned this Title shot.  Of course Brie Bella is an awesome Champion, so this match will have the potential to be the Match of the Night!  I imagine that we will see Awesome Kong at some point during or after the match also.  Should be a super fun segment, and a real chance of the Title changing hands!

Another major Championship match tongiht will be Randy Orton defending his newly won Championship against the man he defeated for the Title, the Instant Classic, Christian!  This is Christian's Rematch, and he will be going all out to try to regain his Championship that he lost after holding it only a few days.  However the Viper, Randy Orton, is super tough and it's hard to imagine him losing the Title here.  We'll have to wait and see, but I'm going to predict Orton wins in the end.

Finally, the Main Event of the evening, the epic and historic 'I Quit' match between John Cena and The Miz!  This feud has been going on so long, The Miz came out on top at Wrestlemania, but then Cena beat him at the next PPV, so this is their Rubber Match, and what a match it is!  Will John Cena say 'I Quit' for the first time ever?  Or will The Miz be forced to quit, and remain no longer the World Champion?  Certainly Cena has the STFU submission finisher, The Miz doesn't have a submission finisher, but even if he did it's highly unlikely that Cena would ever tap out to it.  Cena is just so unbelievably tough, there's almost no way to make him say I Quit.  Certainly noone has ever found a way to make him do it, so the question is, can the Miz somehow find a way?  If he does, he instantly becomes an ELITE Superstar, with a unique and highly prestigious accomplishment on his resume, in addition to the fact that he would become a Two Time World Champion!  So a lot to gain for the Miz tonight, but very much an uphill battle.  Should be an awesome Main Event, I can't wait to find out what happens tonight!

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