Sunday, May 15, 2011

TNA Sacrifice Review

Tonight's TNA PPV was Fan-Tastic!  It started off hot, spicy hot, with Sarita and Rosita!  They weren't actually wrestling tonight, but they helped the team they were with score a victory.  Then the action picked up with Jeff and Karen Jarrett coming to the ring claiming that Karen was injured and couldn't compete tonight!  However Mick Foley, the Network Representative, said he had seen the 'X-Ray' that supposedly showed Karen was hurt, and that it was in fact the X-Ray of someone six and a half feet tall, and male!  The gig was up, and Karen took off her ankle-brace and threw it at Mick in frustration.  The match was still on!

Eventually we got to the first big match of the night, Mickie James vs Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockouts Championship, with Tara's Freedom on the line!  Tara acted conflicted all night, on the one hand she had been with Madison a long time, but on the other hand she did want her freedom.  At one point the ref got knocked down, and Madison went for her loaded glove, but after she put it on Tara grabbed her arm and took it off!  That looked to be the end, but Madison managed to counter an attempted Mickie-D-T, so the match continued.  Eventually the referee got knocked down a second time, this time when Mickie went for the Mickie-D-T, Tara came into the ring and stopped her!  This led to both women trying to get Tara to attack the other.  Madison at one point got on her knees and begged Tara.  It seemed she had convinced her, Tara moved toward Mickie as if to attack her, but then suddenly turned and knocked Madison out, with her own loaded glove!  Tara then went and revived the referee as a shocked Mickie covered for the 1 2 3 !  Your winner, and STILL Knockout Champion, the greatest womens wrestler of all time, Mickie James!  She keeps her Title, and wins Tara's freedom in the process!

There were some other, less important matches, notable was Tommy Dreamer defeating AJ Styles thanks to interference from Bully Ray, and Abyss losing once again to Crimson.  Abyss used to be a Main Eventer, now he's losing repeatedly to a total unknown, AND he lost a number of his teeth in a recent match with RVD, things just aren't going his way right now!  Also, Beer Money retained their Tag Team Titles against Matt Hardy and Chris Harris.  Finally things picked up bigtime with the penultimate match, featuring the Jarretts vs Kurt Angle and the Eighth Wonder of the World, Chyna!

The crowd was VERY hot for Chyna, chanting 'we want Chyna' the majority of the match.  Of course she didn't really get involved until near the end, as the first time she tagged in Jeff Jarrett quickly escaped the ring, and didn't come back until he could wrestle Kurt instead.  Finally near the end Chyna
again got tagged in, and laid into Jeff bigtime, first with a body slam and then a mighty suplex!  This put Double J out of commission for a while, and allowed her to go after Karen!  Karen ran for a while, but eventually Kurt was able to block her escape, allowing Chyna to have her way with her!  First she gave her a splash in the corner, then hit her with a BIGTIME Pedigree!  Then Chyna and Kurt put Karen and Jeff into simultaneous Ankle-Locks, with Karen tapping out and Chyna getting the win in her historic in-ring return!!

That left only the Main Event match, the World Championship match between the challenger RVD, and the Champion Sting!  And what an awesome Main Event it was!  Back and forth awesome in-ring action, eventually spilling outside the ring and into the crowd!  At one point somebody yelled something like 'leave him alone Sting!' which I personally found quite hilarious.  They battled back and forth, both men are still so awesome, this could easily have been a Wrestlemania Main Event match if these great Superstars were in the WWE, eventually they made their way back to the ring after an extended brawl outside it.  Back in the ring, eventually RVD went for his 5-Star Frog Splash, but Sting managed to roll out of the way.  Sting went for the Scorpion Death Drop, but it seemed that RVD Countered, however Sting went for it again and hit it cleanly, scoring the 1 2 3 and retaining his World Title! 

The highlights of the night were exactly what you'd expect, Mickie's Title match with Tara's freedom on the line, the Jarrets vs Angle and Chyna (with Mick Foley showing up making things even more awesome), and the World Title match.  Its hard to say which of those three matches were the best, I'm going to call it a 3 way tie, as each match could easily be called the Match of the Night!  Each was so awesome in its own unique way, certainly from a pure-wrestling standpoint you'd probably give it to the World Title match, as there was so much awesomely entertaining drama involved in the other matches.  From an entertainment standpoint, which is what really matters, all three were so awesome.  So a bigtime night of TNA action, and super duper awesomeness!  The only sad part was that, just like Thursday, no Winterlina.  But there was a TON of awesomeness tonight, so I'm giving this PPV Two Thumbs Up!

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