Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NBA Finals Game 1

Tonight's Game 1 of the NBA Finals was very exciting, and showed a lot about the two teams.  In the first half, it was Dallas' game, in the second half Dallas started to take over, but then Miami turned the tide, eventually winning comfortably.  Dallas did a lot of things wrong, really easy and simple things like missed layups, and failure to rebound, which if corrected could easily lead to a win in Game 2.  Perhaps the worst thing about the game however, was the unbelievably biased Pro-Miami announcing by the ABC Announce crew.  Hopefully something can be done to either get more objective announcers, or to at least give these guys a reprimand to get them to show more objectivity.  A notable point in the game, when a Dallas player was driving for a dunk and got totally clobbered by a Miami player, one announcer actually insanely suggested that they should've called an offensive foul.  Apparently if you drive for a dunk against Miami you deserve to be clobbered!?  It was an unbelievably huge Pro-Miami bias, and I'm not watching ABC for that, I want to hear unbiased announcing.  Its bad enough that the liberal media can't be unbiased on political matters, do they really have to extend their lack of objectivity to sporting events?  I would hope not, I hope tonight was an exception and that going forward we can get truly objective announcing, it sure would make watching the Finals more enjoyable for anyone who isn't a huge Miami fan.  


Anonymous said...

I say we bring in Dickie V to do the announcing solo for the rest of the series!!

SirGlladiator said...

That's an excellent idea! Dickie V is such an awesome announcer, and no doubt could be both a lot more objective AND a LOT more exciting!