Friday, May 13, 2011

TNA Impact Wrestling Review

Last night's episode of TNA Impact, now 'Impact Wrestling', was really awesome!  I hope everybody saw it, I wrote a Preview last night but couldn't post it here due to the technical problems the site had.  So much awesomeness on last night's show, I don't know where to begin!  Last night the 'Network Representative' was revealed, as well as Kurt Angle's mystery female partner for Sunday's Mixed Tag match, and boy oh boy were both revelations shocking and awesome!

Let's start with the Network Representative.  After weeks of wondering, finally it was revealed that the person who had been making Hulk Hogan and Immortal's life miserable, giving Sting that Title match against Jeff Hardy that led to him becoming Champion, and so much more, was none other than...epic  Superstar and hardcore legend Mick Foley!  Yes wrestling fans, one of the greatest Superstars of all time is BACK, and he's in charge of TNA!  Or should I say....he's in charge of Impact Wrestling, because his first act upon revealing himself as the Network Representative, was change the name of the show, from TNA Impact to Impact Wrestling!  Because, as Mick said repeatedly last night, it's about Wrestling.  This of course isn't just a smart move, putting the word wrestling in the Title so people who like wrestling know to tune in, but its of course a not so subtle shot at the WWE, who has recently gone so far as to literally ban the word wrestling from their TV shows.  For some reason the WWE doesn't want to be associated with the word wrestling (much the same way that KFC doesn't want to be associated with the words 'fried chicken', even though that's what they're famous for), so the folks at TNA decided that now was a better time than ever to be associated with the word wrestling, and they're right.

But the return of the hardcore legend, as incredible and awesome as that was, wasn't the only awesome return we witnessed last night, as Mick introduced Kurt Angle's tag team partner for Sunday's Mixed Tag match against Jeff and Karen Jarrett.  That tag team partner is none other than.....the Eighth Wonder of the World, Chyna!!  Can you believe it?  Chyna is back, and despite all the years she's been gone, she is seriously looking better than EVER!  A truly historic moment in wrestling, as both the Hardcore Legend AND the Eighth Wonder of the World make their returns to wrestling TV, and it's on Impact Wrestling!  So the match is now official, it's going to be Jeff Jarrett and his wife Karen vs Kurt Angle and Chyna!  I dare say that Chyna could defeat them both all by herself :) .  Having the Olympic Gold Medalist as her partner makes this a very one-sided, but super fun, matchup indeed!

Of course as amazing as all that was, there is more fun to report on from last night as well.  The 7 Time Women's Champion, Mickie James, was in Tag Team action with Miss Tessmacher, the up and coming Knockout, against Madison and Tara (Victoria from the WWE).  Mickie and Tara started it off, but they're friends now so Tara eventually tagged in Madison, who Mickie owned for a while.  Eventually Mickie tagged in Miss Tessmacher, who scored the pin with her impressive looking 'Victory Roll', and the dissention between Madison and Tara continued.  We'll find out at the PPV Sunday, during Mickie and Madison's Title match, whether that dissention is real and it leads to a breakup, or whether it's all an act designed to trick Mickie and cost Mickie her Title Sunday.  That's going to be very interesting to find out.

Finally, if you thought the night couldn't get any more awesome, you'd be wrong, how about a 25 Man Battle Royal awesome!  How about the Battle Royal is for the #1 Contenders spot at Slammaversary, which is I think, the PPV after Sunday's PPV!  That means that the winner of Sunday's PPV Main Event for the World Title, between Sting and RVD, will face the winner of the Battle Royal at the Slammaversary PPV, which I assume is the next one.  It was a long and awesome Battle Royal, ultimately coming down to Bully Ray (better known as Bubba Ray, one half of the Dudley Boys Tag Team) and Mr Anderson (previously Mr Kennedy in the WWE).  After some really good back and forth action, Mr Anderson eventually got the win, and FINALLY won the right to have the one on one Championship Match that he's wanted for so long!

So an epicly awesome Impact last night, sadly no Winterlina (Winter and Angelina) after last week's revelation that Winter has actually travelled through time to find Angelina, her long lost love, but that was pretty much the only thing missing from this otherwise SUPER loaded show, just amazingly awesome.  The Hardcore Legend is back!  The Eighth Wonder of the World is back!  And they're only on Impact Wrestling, so don't miss it Sunday, and don't miss it next week!  Impact Wrestling, it's Fan-Tastic!

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