Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tonight's RAW

Tonight's RAW was filled with major news and action!  Let's start at the beginning, where there were a lot of technical difficulties, through it all was a really good and hilarious R Truth promo, attacking John Cena merchandise, and making his way to a family in the crowd, talking to the youngster, then asking him where his dad was.  His dad was of course right next to him, which was funny, and the fact that both were wearing John Cena shirts also played nicely into the segment.  R Truth asked the father what his son's name was, but before he could answer R Truth said 'let me guess...Little Jimmy?' oh man alive that wa hilarious!  Eventually Cena came out and talked for a bit, and the Main Event was made by the RAW GM, Cena vs R Truth! 

Later in the show we got a fantastic segment with Michael Cole interviewing Alex Riley.  Apparently Riley has some cool entrance music now.  Cole went on and on about everything that Miz did for him, and how he should apoloogise, etc.  The crowd was solidly behind Riley, who eventually attacked Cole, leading of course to an attack from behind by the Miz!  However Miz's advantage was relatively short lived, as A-ri made a comeback and Miz eventually ran away.  Two weeks in a row of Riley owning the Miz!

We had a FANTASTIC Divas Tag Team match as well, featuring The Bellas against Eve and everybody's favoirte Diva, Kelly Kelly!  Kelly is so amazingly awesome, happily she got the win tonight!  The match was great, and unlike last week, no interruption from Kharma, which was also a plus.  This was nideed Kharma's last night on RAW for about a year, as she announced later in the show that she was in fact pregnant.  Why they made her pregnancy part of the storyline is beyond me, it seems rather stupid, just asy she was leavnig due to bullying, that would play into the whole anti-bullying campaign and their movie and all.  But thats the way they went, they went with reality TV.  Eventually the Bellas came out and made some fat jokes, and finally Kong left the ring. 

The Main Event wasn't all that good really, it featured a fair bit of R Truth stalling, and repeatedly rolling out of the ring after Cena would beat on hm for a bit.  Eventually Ron acted like he was leaving, Cena gave chase, only to have Truth attack him and make it back into the ring before the 10 count, something Cena was not able to do.  The winner of the match, Ron 'The Truth' Killings!  A shocking victory for R Truth, granted it wasn't a Title win, but still, he beat the Champ!  Apparently it's already been announced that it will indeed be Cena vs Truth at the next PPV.

So a lot of major action tonight, some truly major developments, and we're well on our way to the next PPV!  Tonight's RAW definitely gets a Thumbs Up from SirGladiator!

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