Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Gallup Poll

The latest Gallup Poll, just released today, shows some truly fascinating, and I might add awesome, numbers.  Even the bad news isn't so bad, as while the leader is still Establishment Flip-Flopper Mitt Romney, his support is only 17 percent.  He's just two points ahead of Conservative Hero, Governor Sarah Palin, who has 15 percent.  More excellent news is that in Strong Third is Congressman Ron Paul!  Governor Palin and Congressman Paul are by far the best candidates, Pro-Freedom, Pro-Constitution, these are people who don't just talk about being Conservative and Pro-Freedom, they live it.  Champions of Small Government, Palin and Paul would make an awesome Ticket, in either order, come 2012. 

It's also important to note that in the event that Sarah Palin does not run, Gallup polled for that too, and in fact Ron Paul moves up to second!  So even if one of these great Americans doesn't run, the other will be even stronger, so no matter what happens we'll have at least one awesome candidate in this race!  It's good news for Constitutional Conservatives, Freedom Loving Americans like myself, and it's awesome news for America!

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