Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awesome RAW last night!

Last night's Monday Night RAW was awesome!  We got off to a fast start, because the Champ was indeed in San Antonio!  But before he could say hardly anything, he was interrupted by Ari!  Alex Riley talked briefly, then first introduced a highlight video, of Miz owning Cena (a lot of pre-Wrestlemania footage there, it seemed), and then introduced the Awesome one himself!  Ari and Miz made their way to the ring, where Riley continued talking, at one point taking a hilarious shot at the San Antonio Spurs.  Eventually it was Cena's turn, and he totally owned Riley, before turning his attention to the Miz, noting that he saw fear on the Miz's face, and that on Sunday he would be saying I Quit.  We then got a message from the Anonymous RAW General Manager, which Michael Cole read from his IPad.  The GM decided that since he gave Cena the right to name the I Quit stipulation for Sunday's PPV Main Event, it was only fair that Miz get to name Cena's opponent and stipulation for RAW's Main Event.  Miz spoke for the first time in the segment, to note that while he hasn't decided Cena's opponent or the stipulation yet, he assured Cena that it would in fact be Awesome!  Sadly that wouldn't turn out to be true, but more on that later.

CM Punk vs Kofi Kingston figured to be a rather boring match with Kingston ultimately prevailing, but in fact the match was decent and CM Punk actually, very surprisingly, came out on top!  Does this mean he's signed a new contract?  You'd think so, but I haven't heard anything about that yet.  In any event, after the match CM stated that he was going to do this 'his way' from now on, and that he was going to make every member of Nexus a star both individually and collectively.  Good stuff!

Of course the highlight of the night once again was the awesome Kelly Kelly.  Her opponent last night was Nikki Bella, the Bella Twin who isn't actually the Champion.  A great back and forth match, with Kelly using some kind of unique move, similar to a rollup but cooler, to score the pinfall victory!  After the match the Bellas, angry at Nikki's defeat, double teamed poor Kelly and laid her out, but of course anything a Divas match is over, you know what's going to happen!  That's right, it's Awesome Kong time!  Kharma's music hit, and she made her way to the ring at her usual speed.  However this time, not only do the Bellas not run, but even though Kong completely ignored them, enterting the ring and slowly walking over to Kelly, one of them actually attacked Kong from behind!  This of course was unfathomably dumb, as Kong dealt with her easily.  She (Brie) got away before Kong could give her the Implant Buster, however her sister Nikki wasn't so lucky, she was last night's victim of Kharma's impressive finisher.  After laying Nikki out, she went back over to Kelly, who was STILL hiding in the corner, unwilling or unable to flee.  She looked scared, but even more than that I have to say she looked unbelievably beautiful.  A fact that may not have been lost on Kong, who couldn't bring herself to attack Kelly.  She towered over her, it was clear that she could do anything she wanted, but she simply played with Kelly's hair, then sort of flicked her finger at Kelly's forehead, it was really funny.  Clearly she didn't want to hurt the awesome Kelly!  She then left the ring, having vanquished the Bellas, and left Kelly unharmed.  Is it possible that the WWE, who we know likes to borrow from TNA storyline ideas, could be borrowing from the Winter and Angelina storyline?  Only time will tell!

It seems that Michael Cole has stuck his foot in his mouth, figuratively speaking, as his comments during his 'Contract Signing' segment with Jerry the King Lawler may have cost himself his side-kick!  He insulted Jack Swagger, causing him to walk out on him shortly after Cole announced that his match with Lawler at the PPV would in fact be a 'Kiss My Foot' match.  So the loser will be the one who kisses the winner's foot, and if indeed Cole is Swagger-less for the match, it would seem that Jerry will be the one to have his royal foot kissed, and he will get to keep his Hall of Fame Ring!  Definitely a huge match this Sunday.

In other action, the two lesser Nexus members actually defeated Big Show and Kane in a non-Title match, thanks to interference from Mason Riley.  Another victory for Punk and the Nexus!  Punk and Riley will face Kane and Big Show for the Tag Team Gold this Sunday, at the PPV.  We also learned last night that Randy Orton will be defending his Smackdown Title against Christian in a return match at the PPV also.

Finally we got to the Main Event, and the Miz revealed that the match that Cena would be having would be a No Holds Barred match, and before he could announce the opponent, Jack Swagger came out and attacked Cena from behind!  Miz then announced that Swagger was Cena's opponent.  Swagger dominated a large part of the match, he used a steel chair on Cena a couple times, but despite the major beating that John Cena took, he dug down deep, made the big comeback, and eventually hit the FU then made Swagger tap with the STFU.  Another huge win for the Champ, John Cena!  After the match the Miz 'guaranteed' that he would be announced as the World Champion after his match with Cena on Sunday, stating that he had found a way to make Cena quit that Cena had never seen before.  He then attacked Cena with a pipe, but when he went to hit him a second time Cena was able to knock it out of Miz's hand, and use it on both Miz and Riley!  Cena owned both men, and that was after owning Swagger!  What a night for Cena, he's got a huge amount of momentum heading into the PPV!  I'm curious to see if the Miz indeed does have some kind of trick up his sleeve, I guess all will be revealed on Sunday.  In the meantime, a great RAW last night, it was a lot of fun, and I'm giving it two thumbs up! 

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