Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Important Health Comment

Here at the Gladiator Blog we cover all sorts of cool and fun things, but something happened recently and I would like to make an important comment.  My dad recently had some health issues, and they deteriorated fairly quickly.  Even though they had a procedure scheduled relatively quickly after he saw a doctor, it wasn't quick enough, and he ended up in the hospital, where they moved up the procedure and gave it to him well ahead of schedule.  They did what they needed to do to find what was wrong, and now he's being treated for it.  Hopefully, and prayerfully, this is a story that will have a happy ending.  But suppose we were like other countries?  Where socialized medicine results in waits of weeks if you're lucky, often months, and if you die in the meantime, well you just die.  That's what would've happened to my dad, he needed help and if he hadn't gotten it, things would've been terrible.  We in the USA have the greatest health care system in the world, it's true we pay a lot for it, no doubt more than we need to thanks to the current government regulations, red tape, trial lawyer frivilous lawsuits, etc. and we should always be trying to find ways to eliminate those things to keep costs down.  But the bottom line is here in America we are free, we can go to any doctor we want, and if we need help now, we get help now, because we don't have socialism, we have freedom.  Let's all work to make sure it stays that way.  In 2012, let's all agree to only vote for candidates who support Health Care Freedom, and will pledge to overturn Obamacare.  Freedom is far too precious to ever give it away.

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