Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Major WWE Divas News

It seems that there is some major good news and bad news, in regard to the WWE Divas.  First the bad news, apparently Kharma, better known as Awesome Kong back when she was in TNA, will be out for 9 months.  While nothing has been officially confirmed at this time, all signs point to the reason being exactly what you'd expect it to be, for a woman who mysteriously disappears for nine months.  Apparently she's scheduled to give an interview on next week's RAW.  She didn't speak much in TNA, and she has never spoken at all in the WWE, so this could be rather unique, possibly even strange, when it happens next week.  Who knows what they'll have her say, as a way to explain her impending extended absence, only time will tell!

On the good news side, it seems they're FINALLY bringing AJ up to the big leagues!  For those of you who saw NXT Season Three, you saw the star of that season, AJ, she was so positive, so energetic, athletic, just awesome.  And even better news, they're putting her back together with fellow NXT Season Three castmate Kaitlyn, and they're doing it Friday!  AJ and Kaitlyn will be teaming together against two other divas in a Tag Team match on Friday Night Smackdown.  For those of you who didn't see NXT Season Three, I don't really know how to describe how amazing AJ and Kaitlyn were together, they had such incredible chemestry, I've never seen two people have as much chemestry as they did, hopefully they still do and you'll get to see for yourself on Friday!

So Kharma on the way out, AJ coming in, its a big Divas News day!  Stay tuned for more news about the Divas, as well as other Wrestlilng news, right here on the Gladiator Blog!

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