Sunday, May 29, 2011

Writer's Block

If you're like me, you sometimes experience that ever-so-frustrating phenomenon known as writer's block.  You know you want to write something, but you don't know what to write, guessed it, writer's block :) .  I'm experiencing that right now, so I'm doing the only thing a writer who has writer's block can do, other than not write at all (which is of course the most common way we deal with writers block, sadly), and that is, I'm writing about it.  As far as I know, this is actually a pretty unique way to attempt to deal with writer's block, since the most normal thing is to simply try to figure out something to write and then only once you've done that, resume writing.  Hopefully this method will be an improvement, in any event I courage you to try it yourself the next time you're stuck with an annoying case of writer's block.  Just write about it.  Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't, but at least it'll be better than writing nothing at all and waiting for it to go away on its own.  Beat the big bad writer's block by writing!  Always remember, a writer writes, always!

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