Tuesday, June 07, 2011

You're Welcome General Motors

After we the Taxpayers bailed out the incompetent leadership of General Motors, as well as other banks and car people, hundreds and hundreds of billions in sweet bailout moeny for the fat cats and nothing for the regular folks who lost their jobs and their homes, it's nice to see that the head of GM is so grateful for the money that Bush and Obama gave to him, money they got from us.  It seems the head of GM has decided to show his appreciation by lowering the price and raising the quality of GM cars.....I'm kidding of course, that's something a good company leader would do.  This guy has a totally different idea, he's showing his appreciation for all our money, by calling on Congress to raise Gas Taxes by 50 cents to a Dollar a Gallon!  What a great guy this fellow is!  It seems he wants to thank us for all the money that Congress and the White House took from us to give to GM, by asking Obama and Congress to take even MORE of our money!  What a fantastic thank you gift!  What other awesome thank you gifts could this fellow give us?  Cars that explode?  Maybe cars that won't go above 20 miles per hour?  Oh I'm sure this guy can think of something, he's a brilliant and generous leader!  So thank you to General Motors, and their fantastic leader who was of course appointed by one of Obama's buddies!  His economic ideas are just as awesome as Obama's are, a feat that's no doubt hard to achieve, but clearly he is up to the task!  In fact, maybe we could put this guy in charge of Health Care too, another aspect of the economy that Americans clearly don't pay enough for yet.  More taxes = more fun, at for far-left folks like this guy! 

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