Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Greatest Comeback of All Time!

Game 2 of the NBA Finals was a seesaw battle, lots of ups and downs, but in the end it was Dirk Nowitsky leading what has to be the greatest comeback in the NBA Finals of all time!  With about 5 or 6 minutes to go, Dallas had just given up 13 straight points, and trailed by 15.  It seemed that they were about to head back to Dallas trailing 2 games to 0, looking like a team that was just too old or simply too pathetic to perform in the 4th quarter.  But that, as it turns out happily, was just an illusion, as Dallas quickly ran off 8 straight points to cut the lead to 7.  A generous foul call gave Labron two free throws, that he made to extend the lead to nine, before Dallas hit a big 3 ball to cut the lead to a half a dozen.  Dallas continued to whittle the lead down thanks to big D and scoring at the other end.  Eventually they got it down to 2 with under 2 minutes to go, and Miami had a LOOONG posession, thanks to Dallas' repeated failure to rebound Labron James misses.  Eventually somehow they managed to get the ball back on a 3 on 1 break, which they converted to tie the score!  Now under a minute to go, Miami misses again, and Dallas has the chance for a 2 for 1.  They pass on that, taking their time and that resulted in an open 3 ball for Mr Dirk which he promptly DRAINS to give Dallas its first lead in like FOREVER, a 3 point lead with 26.7 seconds to go! 

Miami took their final timeout, and then received a HUUUGE gift, as Jason Terry inexplicably leaves Chalmers, the man he was supposed to guard, to double team Wade....ON AN INBOUNDS PASS PLAY, when Wade didn't even have the ball!  This gave Miami the chance to simply throw the ball in to the all-alone Chalmers, who hit the wide open 3 and tied the score with 24.5 seconds still left.  The horrors!  Dallas then called their own final timeout, and began milking the clock.  With about 10 seconds or so, Kidd got the ball to the only man on the court who mattered, Mr Dirk Nowitsky.  He said after the game he was anticipating being fouled, since Miami still had a foul to give, but apparently Miami forgot or something, as they simply played him straight up with Bosh, who got TAKEN TO SCHOOL, Dirk blew past him and laid it up with THE LEFT HAND BABY!!  That gave Dallas a 2 point lead with under 4 seconds to go, and Miami had no timeouts so they had to push it quickly.  Wade actually got a mighty decent look all things considered, but in the end it was no good, and the Dallas Mavericks had scored their greatest victory of all time, and the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history!  I can't wait for Game 3 in Dallas on Sunday evening!  Oh baby what a series!

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Tom said...

excellent recounting of the comeback by the Mavs. But just to clarifi his name is Nowitzki!