Thursday, June 16, 2011

Impact Wrestling Tonight!

Tonight is Thursday night, and that means it's Impact Wrestling night!  What will the fallout be from Mr. Kennendy, now Mr. Anderson, winning the TNA World Title from Sting at the PPV, and becoming a Two Time World Heavyweight Champion?  Bully Ray defeated AJ Styles in a Last Man Standing match at the PPV, what's next for the 20+ time Tag Team Champion?  And what's next for his brother Devon?  Now that Angelina has regained her memory of her past relationship with Winter and is 'on the same page' with her once again, she no longer needs the medicine that Winter had been giving her, and is able talk again!  Will we hear more from the 5 Time Women's Champion tonight, on her relationship with Winter, and/or her feud with Current and 7 Time Women's Champion Mickie James?  Will Mickie have anything to say about her PPV win over Angelina, or her post-match attack at the hands of Winter and Angelina?  What about Velvet Sky?  Will Angelina's former 'Beautiful People' partner have anything to say about wanting Angelina back from Winter?  Rumor has it that tonight Velvet will be teaming with Miss Tessmacher (Brooke from the WWE, former 'Extreme Expose' member with Kelly Kelly) to take on the Hot and Spicy Knockout Tag Team Champions Sarita and Rosita!  Will she be totally focused on that match, or will her mind still be on Angelina?  So many questions, I can't wait to find out the answers tonight, on Impact Wrestling!

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