Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 Hour RAW

This week's RAW was a speciall 'All Star' RAW, and it was 3 hours long!  Hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin, the show was 'Awesome' right from the beginning, as the first man out of the curtain was The Miz!  A nice long opening speech preceeded the first appearance of Stone Cold himself, as the Miz called him out!  Austin came out and talked for a while, Miz left and then Alberto Del Rio came out, leading into the first match of the night, Del Rio vs Kane!  A good battle ensued, with Kane ultimately emerging victorious.  After the match Del Rio attacked Kane, but Big Show ran out faster than he perhaps had ever run in his life, you'd have to see it to believe it!  He chased Del Rio off and laid into his ring announcer, the guy who ran over his leg with the car, and totally laid him out!  Austin then announced that it was going to be Big Show vs Del Rio at the PPV Sunday!

Of course there were a lot of appearances from Stone Cold Steve Austin, he was the host of the show as well as the biggest star on it, but there were also a lot of appearances by R Truth as well.  He appeared so many times, and was so hilarious, that by the end of the night the fans were actually cheering him and chanting 'Little Jimmy!', that in and of itself was one of the most hilarious parts of the evening. 

Another heartwarming part of the show was the return of Piper's Pit!  It's always great to see WWE Hall of Famer and cancer survivor Rowdy Roddy Piper on Monday Night RAW.  And this Piper's Pit featured The Miz and Alex Riley!  After some high quality back and forth, Riley challenged the Miz to face Piper one on one, and before he could answer, Stone Cold announced on the Titan Tron that he was making the match, and appointing Riley as the special guest referee!  After a commercial break, Riley had the referee shirt on, and we actually did have a brief little match between the two, it was pretty good!  Ultimately Miz and Riley got to fighting, and Roddy rolled up the Miz from behind for the win!  An incredible night for Hot Rod, and definitely a feel good moment for everybody. 

Speaking of a feel good moment, there was a segment featuring the Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly on The Price Is Right, with Libertarian Superstar and Ron Paul supporter Drew Carey!  Following that fun segment, we had a 7 on 7 Divas match, featuring none other than AJ and Kaitlyn!  For those who didn't see, or don't remember, WWE NXT Season 3, AJ and Kaitlyn were two of the longest lasting Superstars on that show, and their chemestry was simply off the charts, I literally have never seen any two people with as much chemestry as those two, and that was on display again this week, albeit in a relatively small way since neither of them actually made it into the match.  The only ones who actually wrestled were Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendez, Kelly ultimately getting the win for her team.  After the match the winning Diva team, along with former Divas Champion Eve Torres, performed a 'tribute to Broadway' dance routine!

The main event featured CM Punk vs John Cena.  Sadly we're still close to losing CM Punk, he still hasn't signed a new contract and his current one doesn't have much time left.  They're going all out to re-sign him though, including featuring him in this Main Event match against the Champ, John Cena, a match he WON!  After the match R Truth took the Championship belt and held it up, saying that he was going to become the WWE Champion at the PPV.  While that certainly doesn't seem likely, it would no doubt be highly entertaining, as R Truth has been simply incredible lately, SO much better than his days in TNA, and his days in the WWE before his heel turn. 

So Monday night's 3 Hour All Star RAW was pretty awesome, super fun, highly entertaining, and filled with all sorts of coolness!  It definitely gets two thumbs up from the Gladiator Blog! 

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