Saturday, June 04, 2011

Impact Wretling Review

This week's Impact Wrestling was just all kinds of awesome.  We started the show with some amazing backstage fighting between Velvet Sky and ODB.  The brawl eventually spilled out into the main part of the arena, ODB controlling most of the action.  Multiple times dudes try to break it up, only for ODB to lay them out.  Eventually ODB drags Velvet into the ring, strips her down to her bra and panties, and chokes her out with her clothes, eventually counting her own 3-count, and walking away the 'winner'.  Awesome action, and a super fun way to start the show, two bigtime Knockouts in bigtime brawling action!

It was cool, as always, to see Mr Anderson impersonating Sting, he is so talented and he honestly does look a LOT like Sting back in the day.  He had a backstage segment with Eric Young, which led eventually to a match between Mr Anderson as Sting, vs Eric Young as the Great Muta.  Eric Young actually wins the match after using the Green Mist, in the true style of the Great Muta himself, something that truly never gets old!

Of course the highlight of the show, as is often the case, is the ongoing storyline with Angelina and Winter, also known as Winterlina.  For the first time in a long time, Angelina actually spoke this week, and she was fantastic!  She and Winter were in the back, Winter actually began the conversation, upset that Mickie beat her last week and caused her to bleed.  She's telling Angelina that she needs to avenge her, getting more and more worked up until Angelina suddenly puts her finger on Winter's lips, and proceeds to say her first words in quite some time.  She talks about how she's starting to understand how Winter feels, she says that they must become royalty, and that she wants return to a time when it was just the two of them, noone standing in their way.  She dedicates her upcoming victory to Winter, takes her hand and they walk off together.  It was awesome, it was romantic, it was powerful, and it was certainly dramatic!

Angelina's match this week was against Miss Tessmacher, who has certainly come a long way from her days as Brooke in the 'Extreme Expose' in the WWE.  With Mickie and Tara, as well as so many other super-talented Knockouts to work with, she's become quite the talented wrestler in her own right!  The match was fantastic, lots of great back and forth action, with Angelina ultimately getting the win via some kind of backbreaker style move.  After the match Winter signaled for Angleina to put Miss Tessmacher in that way cool submission hold that she uses, and she does so, ultimately knocking her out cold.  Winterlina celebrates in the ring after another bigtime victory!

The Main Event was a Tag Team match, featuring Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner vs Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan.  Scott Steiner ultimately got the win, but the big news was what happened after the match.  Karen had interfered, and she, Kurt, and Jeff were all going out of camera range.  When the cameras finally got to them, Karen had fallen down a bunch of stairs, and was totally laid out!  She ended up getting taken out in an ambulance, with Kurt saying to Jeff that this was all his fault.  Who knows what exactly happened to cause Karen to fall down those stairs?  Perhaps we'll find out more next week!

So an amazingly awesome and super cool night of Impact Wrestling action, tons of fun, great storylines, awesome wrestling, bigtime Superstars, it's a great time to be an Impact Wrestling fan!

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