Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seamus is better than ever!

For those of us who are WWE fans, we know that one of the top Superstars in the WWE is a man named Seamus.  He's famous for several things, his Irish accent, his super-white skin, and of course his dominance in the ring.  As of late however, he had become rather un-dominant, inexplicably suffering a ton of losses and eventually getting sent to the B show, losing his spot on RAW altogether.  It was a dark time for the Celtic Warrior, and his legion of fans.  However, take heart good Seamus supporters one and all, for most recently things have begun to turn around fairly dramaticly!  He's started winning again, and against bigtime Superstars too, including wins against Christian and the Smackdown Champion Randy Orton!  He's been in the Title picture for a while now on Smackdown, it's not out of the question that he could win the Title by, or at, Summer Slam!  And just this week he was back on RAW, sadly as a guest this time, but he was in the ring one on one with RAW Superstar Santino.  Not a particularly impressive opponent to be sure, but he was especially dominant on this night.  Not only did he kick out of Santino's powerful 'Cobra' finisher, right at the count of 2 in fact, but he then hit his big Kick, and then proceeded to introduce an all new finisher to his already impressive arsenal of moves!  Very appropriately, he used the Clover, a Submission hold!  Santino was forced to quickly tap out to the Clover, hopefully the first of many Superstars who will fall victim to this powerful and very impressive move.  All hail the return to dominance of King Seamus!  Long live the King!

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