Monday, November 08, 2004

Shocking Chicago Cubs News!

Some really sad news, as the #1 Chicago Cubs announcer, the man who was the sidekick to Harry Carey himself, the man who IS Chicago Cubs TV, Mr Steve Stone, has been run out of town by the Cubs management. Despite being beloved by the fans, despite being the best announcer that WGN has ever had, aside from Harry Carey himself, despite being arguably the most knowledgeable announcer in all of baseball, they ran him out of town because he dared question some of Dusty Baker's bonehead managerial decisions last season. Everybody knew Dusty was making some horrible judgement calls, but Stoney had the guts to say so, and that was unforgivable by the high-up types at the Cubbies. This comes AFTER Chip Carey, Steve Stone's broadcast partner, left the broadcast booth for very similar reasons. The team of Steve Stone and Chip Carey was the #1 reason to watch the Cubs each day on WGN. They were awesome. Now Chip is working in Atlanta, and Steve at present doesnt have a job, one hopes he will get one soon. The Chicago Cubs management has done it again folks, and speaking as a Cubs fan, I can say this. The Cubs management SUCKS! BOOOOOO!

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