Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Results Predictions!

As you know today is ELECTION DAY! And in less than 24 hours, we may very well know the outcome of the election! I would like to give my official Gladiatorial Predictions for the election.

First, in the Popular Vote, President George W Bush will receive 51.5% of the National vote, and Senator John Kerry will receive 48.3% of the National vote. On the electoral college, President Bush will receive 286 Electoral Votes, to Senator John Kerry's 252 Electoral Votes. President Bush will win Florida and Ohio, and lose Pennsylvania.

I have some predictions from my friends. First, "Rookmaster" says that it will be Bush by 3 points in the popular column, with around a 25 electoral vote margin. Secondly, "Savior" says Bush by 4 points, and by 3 electoral votes. And my friend Mr Gil Holmes, "Kassy", calls the race as 48% for Bush and 47% for Kerry, with Bush getting 285-295 Electoral Votes, and Bush winning Florida and Ohio, with Kerry winning Pennsylvania.

So the consensus of the "Chess Experts" says its Bush for 4 more years! You heard it here first folks, and you can PUT IT ON THE BOARD!

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