Saturday, November 06, 2004

New Video Game Reccomendation

Ive been playing the brand new "Lord of the Rings" game the last few days, and I must say, it is TOTALLY AWESOME!! Its a very unique sort of game, the graphics are unbelievable, the sound is super cool, the game play is simple but you can make it complex if you want to, its got it all!! It is a 'turn based RPG' and has been compared to Final Fantasy, but there are plenty of differences. For one, you have tremendous control over character customization. For another you dont buy or sell ANYTHING in this game, you find all your weapons, armor, etc by opening treasure chests or defeating opponents. The lack of town exploration, buying and selling, and general in-depth character develoment, is the one down side to this game. The storyline advances the majority of the time simply by watching scenes from the LOTR trilogy, narrated by the original voice of Gandalf himself. He does a great job as always. All the voice acting is great in fact. Lord of the Rings: The Third Age for the XBox (I think its available for the other two systems also) gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from the Gladiator!

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