Sunday, October 31, 2010

Election Time is Near!

It's almost time for your friend and mine, the Gladiator, to make his bigtime Election 2010 Predictions! As you may know, I was SPOT ON nailing the 2004 Presidential Election Predictions, and hopefully I'll repeat that with my 2010 Predictions also! Right now I'd say its looking pretty good for the Republicans, but of course there's still time for me to take in last-minute data and change my mind. Some of the late data however is really trending pretty heavily in favor of the Republicans, including some House races that nobody thought Republicans had a chance in, and of course Delaware where folks had erroneously written off Christine O'Donnell, who now has cut her 'Bearded Marxist' opponent's lead to just six points in TWO different polls, and those polls are some days old now so it's entirely possible that as I write this Christine is currently in the lead.

Of course Delaware isn't the only state with the polls showing wildly different results depending on who you listen to, other such states include West Virginia, Alaska, and California. I'm going to do my best to gather all the best information that I can, and make an informed prediction that all of you, the fans, can enjoy and hopefully look at when the results are in and say 'wow, he got them all right!' :) . In the meantime, I'd like to say please remember to vote, it's Election season, it's super fun and rockin cool!

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