Sunday, April 30, 2006

Backlash Preview

Tomorrow night is the WWE RAW Pay Per View Event 'Backlash' and there are 7 matches on the card. Clearly this is not a Wrestlemania Lineup, but theres still some pretty good matchups. Id like to take a look at all seven of them.

Ric Flair vs Umaga was the last match added to the card, and man alive is it ever a sad match. One of the greatest of all time against one of the more annoying and pathetic gimmicks on RAW. Its especially sad that it would seem that Ric Flair will be losing to this guy.

Carlito vs Chris Masters is another sort of 'who cares' type of match, the thing is some people actually like Carlito, but people just dont care about Masters. so I expect Carlito to somehow get the win in this match.

Kane vs Big Show is basicly all about Kane's upcoming movie, which comes out....when again? Oh yeah, right, May 19th, ive only heard that like a MILLION TIMES :). I expect Kane to win and continue his reign of terror in the weeks to come, as we prepare for the debut of his movie, which comes out, yes you guessed it, May 19th :).

HBK and God vs the McMahons. This storyline has had a great deal of evil in it lately, one hopes that the McMahons are defeated once again and that this bizarre feud comes to an end at Backlash.

Now we're getting to the important matches. First, RVD vs Shelton Benjamin for Shelton's Intercontinental Title AND Rob Van Dam's Money in the Bank Contract. This match is HUGE yo, both participants are putting up something very important. I expect RVD to win the match, and go on to Challenge for the RAW or Smackdown title at the ECW PPV in June.

Mickie James vs Trish Stratus for the Womens Championship. This is the only match on the card that is a true Wrestlemania Rematch. Mickie and Trish put on the greatest Women's Championship match of all time at Wrestlemania, it was in fact the best Wrestling match of the entire evening. I think their match at Backlash has the potential to be even better, particularly if Mickie scores the win using her awesome Tornado DDT that the fans love.

John Cena vs HHH vs Edge for the RAW Championship. I must say, this match is simply impossible to predict. Its entirely possible that we could see a return of DX at Backlash, obviously if that happens HHH will win. If that doesnt happen, its probably more likely that John Cena will win. Theres also a chance that Edge could sneak a victory somehow, so really its just unpredictable, and thus exciting!

So my official predicted winners are: Umaga, Carlito, Kane, HBK and God, RVD, Mickie James, and John Cena. I hope the evening at least comes close to being as fun and awesome as Wrestlemania, I think it definitely has the potential to be very entertaining.

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