Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday Night Main Event

Tonight is the return of Saturday Night's Main Event, Live on NBC at 8pm EST! This show was awesome back in the day, and its been over a Decade since its been on the air. It used to be on at 11:30pm EST, in the place of Saturday Night Live, but tonight its return is in Prime Time! And the lineup card is loaded with awesomeness! I would like to give my analysis of, and predictions for, tonight's major Card.

Lets start with the Boogeyman vs Booker T. If you've never seen the Boogeyman's Ring Entrance you're in for a real treat, because man alive is it ever one of a kind. You'll probably also be in for a real treat in that the match probably wont last long, as the Boogeyman isnt particularly skilled at actually wrestling. He defeated former Smackdown Champion JBL at the Royal Rumble in I think less than 2 minutes, a highly shocking result. I expect a similar result tonight, whether or not the match will break the 2 minute mark I cant say, but I expect the Boogeyman to emerge the victor.

The Beer Drinking Contest between JBL and Stone Cold Steve Austin, well, I dont think you have to be an expert to figure out who's going to win this one :). Austin will win the contest, he will hit JBL with a Stone Cold Stunner, and celebrate by drinking even more beer!

HBK vs Shane McMahon in a Street Fight should be a really cool match. This has been built up by Shane McMahon attacking HBK with a steel chair, using the Van Terminator move on him Monday, and even having his sister Stephanie drug his water so he couldnt beat him in a match last week. Clearly it is payback time tonight. I expect HBK to ultimately win the match, although interference by Vince costing him the match would be a good way to set up the HBK vs Vince Wrestlemania match. Still, since I can only pick one, I have to pick HBK getting his revenge on Shane tonight by winning the match.

I expect the highest drama of the evening to come from the Womens Tag Team match, which features Trish and Mickie vs Victoria and Candice. I believe this is the match where Mickie is finally going to turn on Trish, something that has been anticipated for months, but has never happened. We're about 2 weeks from Wrestlemania, and Mickie attacking Trish and paying her back for all the times Trish mistreated her and didnt appreciate everything she did for her will set up the biggest Womens Championship match of all time at Wrestlemania. The only part of this match that is hard to predict is, how will it happen. Will Mickie turn on Trish during the match, causing Trish to be pinned by Victoria or Candice, or will Mickie wait until after she and Trish win the match, and then let her have it? Im hoping it will be the latter, but typicly in these types of situations it is more like the former. I cant decide which result to predict, so I'm just going to let Mickie turning on Trish one way or another be my prediction for this match, and if it happens it will indeed be the most dramatic thing to happen at SNME tonight.

Finally, the Main Event match, John Cena and HHH vs Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, and Randy Orton in a Wrestlemania Main Event vs Main Event match. This is going to be huge, all the Main Eventers from Wrestlemania (which is just 15 days away, by the way) will be competing in this match that has the potential to contain a ton of awesomeness. HHH vs Angle, Cena vs Orton, HHH vs Mysterio, the potential matchups during this match are very exciting, plus the possibility of team members turning on each other during the match, since they are rivals after all! I expect some dissention in the Smackdown ranks to cost them the match, with Cena or HHH picking up the win, specificly I expect whoever is NOT going to win at Wrestlemania, Cena or HHH, to be the one who scores the victory.

Its a shame that RVD isnt on the Card, nor is the Undertaker, although I do believe we will see Taker during the show, as Mark Henry said last night on Smackdown that he would be calling the Undertaker out tonight. Clearly RVD is one of the most exciting wrestlers of all time, the crowd would've loved to see him in the ring with somebody he could really open up his playbook of awesome moves against, like Carlito or Benjamin.

So clearly tonight's return of Saturday Night's Main Event to NBC, in Prime Time, has the potential to deliver an incredibly entertaining two hours of awesomeness, I hope everybody will watch and enjoy the show!! And I hope my predictions arent off too badly :).

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